quinta-feira, 27 de novembro de 2014


Today is a thanksgiven.
I want to thank you the loyalty of friendship to all my followers of my blog friends.
Thank you, becouse I rejoice every day when I check the statistic and see friendas froom varius countries visiting me and enjoyend all my post. Now I want to join you to thank God for all  the blessings He has given us.
Thank mercy, for it is the reason we are not consumed.
Thank for the health thas has placed us, strong, healthy and beautiful.
I thank all the times that you, Lord, was our side delivered us from all evil.
Thank you for oour daily bred day. For you has not stopped missing the food on our table.
Our table has become increasingly abundant.
Thank you for sending the Lord Jesus, to save ur, to give us eternal salvation.
Thank you for the wounds we opened in accordance body of Jesus, with wich though His forgiveness whem He said: "Father, fhater forgive them, for to they know not what they do."
Thank you Lord Jesus, we got our Salvation.
Thank you God, for your immense love. My friends and I, thank you for this great, wonderful, merciful and so lovindg.
I want rigth now keenel and kiss your beautiful feets.

                            THANK YOU, LORD!

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